A connected workforce

Constellation's connected workforce is made up of jobs on a flexible and temporary basis within the UK and Ireland. We provide well-trained and motivated people to hospitality and event businesses that need support at short notice.

A range of job roles available

From chefs and kitchen porters, to cleaners, waiters and customer service assistants, we have a range of flexible and temporary roles available across an exciting portfolio of Compass Group brands.

We're all about ensuring our guests and visitors have a great experience, and that starts with looking after our own people. To find out more, check out the range of roles available at Constellation.

Easily access Compass jobs in your area

At Constellation we believe that life is all about balance. That’s why you get the ability to choose when and how often you work, so you can find the work-life balance that suits you.

Simply click 'apply' to start the sign-up process or log in to see the progress of your application.

Constellation for Employers

Constellation is a variable jobs programme that delivers an in-house, connected workforce that can be deployed at short notice across hospitality and event businesses in the UK and Ireland.

We provide an entirely cross-sector workforce that can support your business quickly and reliably, wherever there's a demand.

Employee Initiatives

By applying to join Constellation, you'll have the opportunity to work for a range of Compass Group brands. You can select roles based on your skill set and location, as well as choosing work patterns that fit your lifestyle.

Once you're a member, you'll get access to unique training programmes that support your development and give additional opportunities to learn valuable skills.

Success Stories

Constellation has provided flexible work to thousands of workers across hundreds of venues in the UK and Ireland. Over the last year, our connected workforce has been key in helping the nation’s fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

We redeployed and placed highly skilled people into food service and healthcare roles and used the skills of our expert event teams to operate Covid-19 testing centres.


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