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Constellation team members shine bright with our range of flexible roles in the UK and Ireland, supporting companies when they need it most.

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Covid-19 response


Recognising the many talents within the Constellation family, we set about undertaking a huge internal recruitment drive in early 2020. We wanted to create a connected workforce, matching motivated individuals to a range of flexible jobs and supporting the needs of the wider Compass Group UK and Ireland business with consistency across training and onboarding standards.  


However, the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to look at the process differently, with our clients needing extra support in the fight against Coronavirus. It also meant the need for a new online training platform to enable better visibility and consistency during lockdown.  

Mobilising our workforce for Covid-19 testing

With the pandemic came an urgent need to find skilled, reliable and adaptable people to support our client’s 51 Covid-19 testing sites and mobile units across the UK at short notice. We quickly got to work, assembling a connected workforce from within the Constellation family to oversee operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Redeploying our brightest stars
To support the evolving needs of our clients, we remobilised our workforce and empowered thousands of employees from across our portfolio to step into new roles. Up to 3,000 employees supported the operation, in roles ranging from site management to testing equipment procurement.
Our diverse and multi-skilled workforce rose to the challenge, with chefs managing traffic flow on and off-site and restaurant managers calmly overseeing site operations. A new payroll and central functions team also stepped up to support the efficiency of our workforce. 

What we achieved
Balancing the needs of our client and the combined talents of our workforce, we were able to ensure thousands of people stayed employed and that the public received Covid-19 testing safely, supporting the nation’s fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Pandemic-proof training & onboarding


After the 2020 lockdown forced venues, including valuable training facilities and locations, to close across the country, we knew we needed to reassess how we trained our people.


In May last year, Constellation joined forces with Flow Hospitality Training to pinpoint how we could keep empowering our workforce to progress in their careers. Working in collaboration with our sister brand, Levy UK, we set about preparing for venue re-openings.

Taking career progression online

With new restrictions meaning that our existing training programme, which relied solely on face-to-face interaction, was no longer possible, we harnessed the power of Flow Training and restructured the whole onboarding, training and assessment process for new members of our team.

Using Flow Training’s learning management platform, we equipped new recruits with the tools and confidence they needed to work in the company’s different business lines during their induction period. These included hospitality, healthcare, defence and education.  

Tailored to each unique venue

Levy UK empowers their workforce to go the extra mile with bespoke training content that complements Flow’s core modules.  From the moment employees log into their Flow Training account, they’ll embark upon a unique training experience on a fully branded Levy UK site. 

What we achieved
Thousands of new starters can now begin their career with remote induction training. Training calendars and workbooks seamlessly enable the Learning and Development team to ensure that trainees have completed their required training before they begin a new role, ensuring confidence on both sides. The platform will also allow existing staff to upskill and conduct refresher training in the near future.

Find your next adventure

From kitchen staff and bar tenders to cleaners and team leaders, we have a range of flexible roles available across a varied portfolio of exciting Compass Group brands.

We’re all about ensuring our guests and visitors have a great experience, and that starts with looking after number one – our people. To find out more, check out the range of roles available at Constellation.

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