Become a Kitchen Hero

We give passionate people access to flexible back of house jobs and the chance to work across some of the UK’s most exciting venues

Rewarding back of house jobs at Constellation

Whether you’re a logistics porter, kitchen assistant or commis chef, we know the value of our back of house teams here at Constellation – that’s why we refer to them as ‘Kitchen Heroes’.

With plenty of flexible career opportunities and the chance to work at some of the UK’s most exciting and rewarding venues, we’ll help you grow and shine bright in your role - even if that is behind the scenes.  

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The backbone of hospitality

The back of house – also known as BOH – is the backbone of culinary businesses. As the place where food is ordered, stocked, prepared, cooked, and plated, back of house is responsible for ensuring behind-the-scenes operations are running smoothly so front of house can do, too.


Acting as a central command centre, our back of house teams may work behind the scenes but their effort is very much at the forefront of successful customer experiences.


At Constellation, we’re all about self-development and building skills that employees can use in both their professional and personal lives. If you choose a back of house job with us, we’ll empower you to reach for the stars and achieve your full potential.

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A set of essential skills


Passion, excitement, and personal development are among the most common drivers behind why people choose a career in hospitality. Working in a back of house job, you’ll pick up a huge variety of both technical, creative and interpersonal skills that will see you throughout your career.


Budgeting, equipment maintenance and the ability to manage an inventory keeps the kitchen running every day, while communication, collaboration and patience allows for optimum output. Skills like leadership, delegation and resilience are seen as the ‘finishing touch’ for a true Kitchen Hero, and can be acquired through dedication, support and coaching.

Shine bright with Constellation

At Constellation, we know that people thrive on choice and variety in their work. That’s why our opportunities span a range of venues in a variety of roles, so that together we can harness the power of one big family while making sure no two days are the same.

We’re passionate about developing career paths and believe that by investing in our people, we can ensure you shine brighter than ever. We want to make everyone’s career dream a possibility, and our back of house job roles can help with that.   

Find your next adventure

From kitchen staff and bar tenders to cleaners and team leaders, we have a range of flexible roles available across a varied portfolio of exciting Compass Group brands.

We’re all about ensuring our guests and visitors have a great experience, and that starts with looking after number one – our people. To find out more, check out the range of roles available at Constellation.

Easily access Compass jobs in your area

At Constellation we believe that life is all about balance. That’s why you get the ability to choose when and how often you work, so you can find the work-life balance that suits you.

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