Summer jobs in Dublin & Ireland

Exciting summer jobs await in Ireland

From the enchanting allure of Dublin to the vibrant pulse of festivals across Ireland, Constellation invites you to be part of the summer excitement. Join our dynamic team and add a spark to your summer while boosting your earnings. Our diverse mix of summer and festival jobs in Dublin and Ireland cater to a spectrum of talents, from culinary maestros whipping up delicious delights to ensuring guests are treated to impeccable service and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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Embrace variety

At Constellation, monotony takes a back seat as each day brings new adventures across various venues, including iconic spots like the renowned Aviva Stadium. Our roles are crafted with your flexibility in mind, allowing you to curate your schedule and immerse yourself in different atmospheres and communities. Whether you’re cleaning behind the scenes of a busy stadium or working the bar at a Dublin festival, jobs with Constellation look different every day. 

Just bring your can-do attitude

Delivering memorable moments in iconic settings requires individuals committed to excellence. While expertise is valued, we prioritise a positive attitude and a thirst for learning. With comprehensive on-the-job training, we ensure all team members feel empowered to excel from day one, regardless of background. Join us for a summer of growth, experience and lasting memories with one of our Ireland summer jobs.

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Tailor your summer adventure

Whether you’re seizing a break from studies or seeking temporary engagement before embracing long-term commitments, our festival and summer jobs across Ireland offer a blend of income and skill-building opportunities.
Choose from full-time, part-time, short-term and longer-term positions and enjoy the freedom of customising your summer experience with us.

Take the first step today

If the prospect of enriching experiences in premier venues resonates with you, seize the moment and apply for one of our sizzling summer and festival jobs in Dublin and Ireland today!


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