Yorkshire summer & festival jobs

Summer & festival jobs in Leeds & beyond

Here at Constellation, we recognise that not everyone is looking for a permanent role and that some people are just looking for something to get them through the summer.
Whether it’s down to the academic calendar or just looking for something short-term to tide you over, one of our summer jobs in Leeds and Yorkshire may be just what you’re looking for.
You’ll find yourself working at some of the region’s most iconic venues, including Leeds Castle and Sheffield United Football Club.

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Summer jobs done right

By joining the Constellation team you’ll be able to take advantage of complete freedom in choosing how you work. You’re not tied down to only working at one venue, you can pick up shifts at however many different venues you like. Whether it’s on the same day or on separate days, you’ve got the flexibility to work however and wherever you’d like.

An opportunity for all

When joining Constellation, you’ll enjoy on-the-job training to help you learn the ins and outs of what we do. We’re looking for people of all backgrounds and levels of experience, if you’ve got the right attitude, we’ll get you up to speed. One of our summer and festival jobs in Leeds and the wider Yorkshire area will leave you with long-lasting skills that you can take into the next step of your career, whatever that may be.

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Roles for everyone

Our festival and summer jobs in Leeds and Yorkshire need a wide range of people to fill a diverse selection of roles.
Whether it’s pouring pints on front of house, serving food at the concessions, crafting culinary treats in the kitchen or keeping our venues sparkling as part of the facilities team, we’ve got a role for everyone.
So, if you’re passionate about offering first-class experiences and eager to learn new skills, our seasonal roles might be the perfect way for you to spend your summer.

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