Summer jobs across Plymouth and Exeter

Spice up your summer
with our jobs in Exeter & Plymouth

Do summer a little differently this year with one of our roles in Plymouth or Exeter – both cities rich in culture, amazing venues and a buzzing atmosphere as soon as the weather gets warmer.
Our summer and festival jobs in Plymouth and Exeter cover a wide range of roles, from chefs dishing up delicious event food to cleaning operatives working behind the scenes to make sure standards are in top shape for guests.

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Experience a variety of venues and events

One of the best parts of a Constellation job is the opportunity to work at various venues and events. This diversity not only keeps the work dynamic and engaging but also offers invaluable exposure to different environments and people.
From bustling festival to corporate event, our teams love the chance to try out new places and make every day more interesting than the last – especially with our summer jobs in Plymouth and Exeter, where they can work at leading venues such as Exeter Racecourse.

Personality over experience

We understand not everyone is a seasoned chef, experienced barista or highly qualified cleaning professional. With summer roles at Constellation, we’re more about personality and a can-do attitude than we are an impressive CV. So if you need a little extra help when you take on one of our Exeter or Plymouth festival or summer jobs, we'll provide comprehensive on-the-job training to ensure you’re feeling empowered and confident to bring your best self.

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Customise your summer schedule

Whether you're wanting something to do in your uni town over the summer or need a little extra cash to pay for this year’s family holiday, our summer and festival jobs in both Exeter and Plymouth are designed to have you covered.
From short-term, weekend positions to longer-term temporary roles, Constellation offers you the perfect opportunity to earn extra income while picking up experiences and friendships to last you a lifetime.

Apply today

If working events at renowned venues sounds like the summer for you, then apply for one of our exciting summer and festival jobs in Exeter or Plymouth today!


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