Temporary jobs in London

Temporary jobs in London all year round

Join the Constellation family with one of our temporary jobs in London with the flexibility to suit any schedule. Temporary jobs aren’t just for the Christmas season, so whether you’re a student looking for something to fill your holidays and build back your finances or looking for something to fit around family commitments, we’ll have the role for you.

Apply today for temporary catering, chef, hospitality or cleaning positions at some of the city’s most recognisable and renowned venues, including Tottenham Hotspur, ExCeL London and the O2 Arena. 

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Create lasting impressions with a chef role

At Constellation, we use food to enhance experiences and create lasting memories for our guests at our events. The best part? You can help create these unforgettable experiences with one of our temporary jobs.

We’re looking for everything from experienced chefs to those after that first bit of experience in a kitchen to start building their careers. If this sounds like you, one of our temporary roles could be just the thing for you.

Clean behind-the-scenes for leading London events

If you’ve got a keen eye for detail and are enthusiastic about maintaining a high level of cleanliness, then one of our temporary cleaning jobs in London could be for you. We’ll even get you started with extensive training on the latest standards and some of the most cutting-edge cleaning technology.

So, join us at Constellation and help our guests enjoy events at some of the city’s most prestigious venues and events with the highest of hygiene standards a commitment that suits you.
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Hospitality roles to keep the good times flowing

Got a passion for dazzling service? Love nothing more than crafting long-lasting impressions? Then one of our temporary hospitality job roles could be for you.

London is a city bursting with events bringing joy and entertainment to locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re providing impressive table service with a smile or pouring pints and delivering delicious drinks to keep conversation flowing, you can contribute to some once-in-a-lifetime experiences for guests.

Temporary jobs, always flexible

One of the biggest advantages of joining the Constellation family is our flexibility in where you work. When you join us, you’re not tied to only working in one venue.

Want to work the early kick-off at
Tottenham Hotspur and then pick up a shift at the O2 Arena in the evening later that day? You can – our roles can be fitted completely around your schedule!

Apply today

Kickstart your career by applying for one of our many temporary jobs across London today!


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